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About us

Scoop of Bruyere des GatinnesThe Canine team consists Mirandaola José Luis Aragón, renowned dog trainer, World Champion Fighter Practice, Julie Penders, doctor of veterinary medicine specializing in canine behavior and dog show judge, Raul, certified trainers and David, vet.

José Luis Aragón love is a dog trainer who decides to sample life in body and soul.

Is the operator of the kennel Mirandaola (No. 500/94) in 1994 and breeding dogs since high quality and selection, both dogs as hunting dogs in competition.

For example, the Champion of Galicia Practice Game 5 years, Ready Mirandaola (prop: Leonardo Sueiras) is a great champion born Mirandaola Canine.

As a passionate hunter, started or trained during the hunting season to any lower hounds hunting grounds with an abundance of wild game.

Off season, has training preserves wild game without killing, hunting or continuous high-quality working dogs, to initiate or prepare for the season.

It is also a big fan of dog racing. Trains and prepares dogs of all breeds for contests.

He is a judge for evidence pointing dogs work.

Julie Penders (collegiate No. 1032) is the vet in charge of daily care of dogs, breeding, socialization and initiation of our puppies. Thus, we can ensure the best quality of puppies, both physical health and mental equilibrium.

On the other hand, is a judge of dog shows and doctor of veterinary medicine specializing in canine behavior. Participate in the psychological evaluation of the dogs during training.

For second opinions on animal health, we went to the clinic D. Ignacio Landa (Landa Clinic in Estella), D. Juan José García (clinical Iruña in Pamplona) or the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, León.

Our dogs